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Outstanding self catering holiday cottage in the heart of the Chess Valley. 


Fresh ground coffee, ice cream, chilled drinks and snacks. Takeaway service. Coming Soon

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Small private carp lake and fly fishing on The River Chess.

Watercress beds

the story of Crestyl

Watercress & The Tyler Family

Since 1886 The Tyler family have cultivated watercress by hand, alongside the River Chess in Sarratt, Hertfordshire. For many years Crestyl was the only surviving watercress farm from19 original farms between Sarratt and Chesham and the whole of the Chilterns.

Classed as a superfood the peppery green leaves have been recognised since Victorian times for their numerous health benefits. Packed with iron, calcium and vitamin C the Tyler's watercress is lovingly nurtured and produced from seed to table. You could not find a more nutritious, natural and fresh produce.  

Using the same bone handled knives that had  been passed down the generations and following in the family tradition, Jon Tyler and his family now residing at Crestyl Barn, continued to grow and sell watercress up until a few years ago when an issue with the river sadly forced the production to come to a halt.  


Jon is working with local authorities to resolve the issue and is hopeful that one day soon he will once again be able to offer the much loved vegetable to the public. Until then exciting new ventures are on the horizon for the Tyler's and Crestyl. 

Watercress knife
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