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Will Brown Photography

Kingfisher Hide Hire

Kingfisher Facts
  • Kingfishers eat around 16 minnows a day

  • There are approx 3800 - 6400 breeding pairs in the UK

  • Listed as Amber status on the Birds of Conservation Concern list

  • A kingfisher's diet mostly consists of fish - minnows and sticklebacks and small insects

  • Kingfishers can’t swim, so they tend to avoid turbulent waters

  • Kingfishers tend to favour slow-flowing rivers or motionless water in relatively lowland areas

If you’re lucky enough to see a kingfisher on its perch, watch it closely. Once it has spotted its prey a kingfisher will bob its head up and down to gauge the position of the fish.

The bird then dives into the water with its wings open, and its eyes protected by transparent eyelids. Once the fish is caught, it is taken back to the perch where the kingfisher usually stuns it before swallowing it head first.

Kingfishers fly rapidly, low over water, and hunt fish from riverside perches, occasionally hovering above the water's surface. 

The hide is equipped with comfy chairs and table top gimbal heads for your use. 

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